Office for UoWM Leveraged Research Outcomes

UoWM ensures that research outcomes are utilised and promoted through technology transfer mechanisms to receiving stakeholders.

UoWM aims at keeping up with technological developments, providing innovative scientific outcomes, developing the know-how, and consolidating the generated knowledge derived from UoWM’s academic staff research. To achieve the goals of its research and social policy, UoWM generates the necessary technology transfer mechanisms, which vary and include application of ideas, production methods, use of know-how, patent licensing and patents, and  technology transfer with standing companies or spin offs.

With the guide on leveraged research outcomes, the University of Western Macedonia sets a clear framework for technology transfer policy, in line with current legislation. The guide explains the procedure for utilising research outcomes, consolidating new knowledge by issuing Patents, granting licenses for their full exploitation and, finally, utilising revenues for financing UoWM education and research and the compensation of researchers / inventors. The Guide was approved by the UoWM Research Committee (meeting No. 369 / 11-6-2020) and the Senate (meeting No. 115 / 2-7-2020).


Guide for Leveraged Research Outcomes

Application for Spinoff Licensing

Patent Submission (Form)

Industrial Design Submission (Form)

Spinoff Questionnaire

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